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year 2019
Rating 7,7 of 10
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Director William Nicholson
Hope gap release. Annette Bening in Hope Gap. Photo: Courtesy of TIFF In William Nicholsons woebegone, autobiographical English drama Hope Gap, a meek-ish man named Edward (Bill Nighy) leaves his voluble wife, Grace ( Annette Bening) and Grace responds the way many educated British characters do as they plummet emotionally: She talks. And she talks. She cries out to her husband in sheer disbelief. She wheedles, needles, and muses histrionically on the meaning of matrimony and family and human and cosmic mercy. Its not iambic pentameter, but Bening — enunciating in an English accent that had me pushing away images of Emma Thompson, as one would a stray thought while meditating — runs through periods (full stops, in the U. K. and inserts pauses mid-sentence, to suggest the squeezing of inchoate panic through the proper channels. The accent gives Bening an odd sibilance as well as an overbite Ive never noticed: Have her very features been altered by her voice? Its a fascinating performance, but Grace is too distanced — and too borderline insufferable — to relate to fully, even if you recognize her desperation in the face of abandonment, even if youve lived a version of that desperation yourself. The movie — having its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival — is a brief, sad little piece that doesnt quite hurdle the blood-brain barrier and rattle you to the core, but it does achieve a half-sublimity, thanks to coastal settings with white cliffs that inspire both awe and thoughts of flinging oneself off, and also thanks to poetry. Graces pet project is creating an anthology of poems arranged by emotional states (like, say, the feeling of abandonment) and at various points the characters intone the words of those whove been here and done that. The big set piece, in fact, is Dante Gabriel Rossettis “Sudden Light, ” which begins, “I have been here before. But when or how I cannot tell, ” and ends with a question — whether love will be restored “In deaths despite. And day and night yield delight once more? ” Rossetti, the cliffs, and the swelling music (by Alex Heffes) supply what the characters cannot. You dont blame Nighys Edward for leaving. You blame him for how he leaves, slinking off into the arms of a younger woman who has pushed him to sever his miserable marital bond. Nighy plays Edward in his familiar key of awkward formality, stammering and keeping his gaze guiltily low. Edward points out that Grace has found him so consistently annoying over the years that he wonders why she feels so angry and bereft — but if he wonders that, he doesnt know much about how some marriages work. His sudden realization that he and Grace were never meant to be is moving, but despite several melancholy monologues, the character doesnt have much stature. Much of our sympathy ends up with the couples 29-year-old son, Jamie (Josh OConnor) whom Grace tries to use as an emissary but who isnt very good at it. He cant plead Graces case when he doesnt fully buy it. The actor is affecting: He seems ultimately as puzzled by his parents union as the writer-director does. Nicholson is 70 and is primarily known as a writer, and in Hope Gap he doesnt conceal his artistic flourishes artfully. The camera pans from dishes piling up in the sink to the mantle with its photos and lifetimes worth of memories or hovers about the waves creeping over the rocks. Sometimes he will frame a character on the side of the wide screen, not so much to express alienation as to keep the person out of the boring center. But he does one thing very well: comedy. Bening gets a real performance rhythm going when Grace buys a dog she names Edward, like her ex-husband, and teaches him the command, “Stay. ” Bening seems more in her element snapping at the dog than she does delivering theatrical plaints. Shes marvelous when Grace volunteers for a grief hotline and ends up commiserating too deeply with her callers — I wanted even more of those scenes. But if Nicholson hasnt decided whether the end of his parents marriage was a comedy or a tragedy, well — who ever does? Hes reaching for something he never gets: Thats not a bad way to lose. Unlike Grace, he loses gracefully. Annette Bening Gives a Fascinating Performance in Hope Gap.

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Hope gapi. Hope gap trailer legendado. Hope gap where to watch. Hope gap trailer. Hope Gap Theatrical release poster Directed by William Nicholson Produced by Sarada McDermott David M. Thompson Screenplay by William Nicholson Based on The Retreat from Moscow by William Nicholson Starring Annette Bening Bill Nighy Josh O'Connor Aiysha Hart Ryan McKen Steven Pacey Nicholas Burns Music by Alex Heffes Cinematography Anna Valdez Hanks Edited by Pia Di Ciaula Production company Origin Pictures Protagonist Pictures Screen Yorkshire Lipsync Distributed by Curzon Artificial Eye Release date 6 September 2019 ( TIFF) 12 June 2020 (United Kingdom) Running time 100 minutes Country United Kingdom Language English Hope Gap is a family drama film written and directed by William Nicholson. It stars Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Josh O'Connor, Aiysha Hart, Ryan McKen, Steven Pacey and Nicholas Burns. It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on 6 September 2019. It is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom on 12 June 2020, by Curzon Artificial Eye. Premise [ edit] A family deals in the aftermath of the shock revelation that a husband plans to end his 29 year marriage to his wife. Cast [ edit] Annette Bening as Grace Bill Nighy as Edward Josh O'Connor as Jamie Aiysha Hart as Jess Ryan McKen as Dev Steven Pacey as Solicitor Nicholas Burns as Gary Rose Keegan as Receptionist Nicholas Blane as Priest Sally Rogers as Angela Production [ edit] The project was announced on October 31, 2017, with William Nicholson helming and writing the story, and Annette Bening and Bill Nighy cast to play the husband and wife at the centre of the film. [1] Pre-production began on June 11, 2018, with principal photography starting on July 10. [2] Filming occurred in Seaford, Sussex. [3] Release [ edit] In May 2019, Roadside Attractions and Screen Media Films acquired U. S. distribution rights to the film. [4] It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on 6 September 2019. [5] 6] It is scheduled to be released in the United States on 6 March 2020. [7] It is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom on 12 June 2020. [8] References [ edit] Annette Bening & Bill Nighy To Star In William Nicholsons ‘Hope Gap – AFM ^ Hope Gap begins... ^ Hollywood royalty has come to Seaford to film scenes for a new movie ^ NDuka, Amanda (May 9, 2019. Roadside Attractions, Screen Media Nab North American Rights To 'Hope Gap. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved May 9, 2019. ^ Lang, Brent (July 23, 2019. Toronto Film Festival: Joker. Ford v Ferrari. Hustlers' Among Big Premieres. Variety. Retrieved July 23, 2019. ^ Hope Gap. Toronto International Film Festival. The Numbers. Retrieved 10 December 2019. ^ Hope Gap. Launching Films. Retrieved 4 November 2019. External links [ edit] Hope Gap on IMDb.

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Hope present tense of verbs. Hope gap movie trailer. PG-13 1h 40m 2019 TRAILER A couple's visit with their son takes a dramatic turn when the father tells him he plans on leaving his mother. After you watch Hope Gap, stream another full movie... Coming soon...

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I looked around, glancing from empty cab to empty cab, pacing the yard and checking anywhere he couldve been hiding. I was jittery enough to convince myself there were things moving around in the decaying tractors and trailers, but the bastard had disappeared without a trace. I gave up and headed back to the bungalow, keeping my ears pricked, looking around as I went through the trees. I jumped at the screech of some foxes shagging in the distance, but other than that, the whole place was silent. When I got back to my place I stopped at the back door with my keys dangling in my hand. There was a faint outline of dirt on the patio. It was in the shape of a footprint facing the door. After that night I kept my place like a fortress. I installed an extra two latches on both doors and a camera in the lounge which I could check from my phone. Every time I had to go out to reload, I left the lights on and music blaring. I paid a small fortune for a safe to keep my stash in. I even started changing the combination once every couple of weeks, having got it in my head that someone could be spying on me through gaps in the curtains. Sometimes Id get so paranoid that Id stay up most of the night, doing chang, pacing about the place and swinging the weight bar. Even though I thought about the cunt who tried to break in a lot, it never occurred to me that he was after anything but money or drugs. Things went by as normal for a while. I started to loosen up a bit, got a car and started dropping a few nights a week. Still, I went on using the safe and keeping the weight bar handy. One day when I was weighing up grams, I got a notification on my main phone. Itd been so long since the thing buzzed that it actually startled me. I checked it and saw a message from an unsaved number. We found your friend. Return what was stolen. I remember I found it hilarious at first. I tried to think of anyone who had my main number who wouldve sent me mental shit like that, then who the fuck they couldve meant by my “ friend ”. When I drew a blank, I messaged back telling them to do one, that they were texting the wrong bloke. A minute or so later, the phone buzzed again. The same number had sent me an image. I tapped it and watched a buffer wheel spin for a moment before the blurry colours came into focus. It was a picture of the head and shoulders of the fence Id tried to sell the stone to. Hed been stripped of his shirt and there was a length of duct tape wrapped several times around his mouth. His skin, which had always been dark, was a pale, sickly yellow. There was a big, gaping hole in the side of his skull closest to the camera, the bone split in a crooked V-shape and the flayed edges of the skin peeled apart. The sparse hair around the opening was matted with blood which poured in a river over the tiled floor, showing a faint reflection of three silhouettes standing over the body. The rounded wall of his cranium was dimly visible in the gaping darkness framed by the hole. A bloated larva the size of a rat was curled up where his brain had been, its segmented exterior the colour of flint, its short pincers drenched in scarlet. I dropped the phone and backed away from it. My vision blurred and my pulse hammered in my ears and my head was filled with a rushing panic. I grabbed the weight bar without thinking, squeezed it, dropped it, then sprinted to the kitchen and vomited into the sink. I heard the phone buzz in the lounge and stayed hunched over the sink for a long time as my heartbeat slowly settled. My mind was still numb with shock when I turned around and walked unsteadily back to the lounge. Everything around me seemed somehow larger, further away, not quite there. There was a moment when I felt like a kid, the same way I do when I have nightmares about my dad. I picked up the weight bar again and sat with it lying across my lap, staring at the phone on the floor. A cold sweat had broken from every pore in my body. Eventually, I managed to lean down and pick up the phone with a trembling hand. There was another message from the same number. I opened the thread and covered the bottom of the picture with my hand while I read the text below it. He carried a worker egg of our brood for three weeks. Once one hatches, we keep the host alive for as long as possible so that the tissues remain fresh for the larva to feed. Your friends brain remained functional at just a third of its weight. The authorities will not find the husk, nor will anyone who looks for it. Our bodies are feeble but our numbers and our patience are infinite. We know where you are. We cannot allow you live, but if you return what was stolen willingly, you wont suffer as he did. My memory of the rest of that day is dim and blotchy. One thing Im sure of is that I stayed in the bungalow. Aside the constant feeling of panic, I can remember flashes of being in different rooms, always with the curtains drawn, clutching the weight bar or some other makeshift weapon, trying to force some order into the screeching chaos of my mind. Every little sound or change of the light meant someone was closing in on the bungalow. I rejected the calls and ignored the texts I got from my customers, and eventually turned both my phones off. When the sun went down, I broke into my chang stash and kept myself awake the whole night, too scared to fall asleep and give these things the opportunity they were waiting for. Nothing moved outside, but the whole time I was expecting a swarm of them to start climbing the garden fence. The next day, as soon as life felt real again, I made a plan to disappear. I thought that whatever these things were, they couldnt find me if I ran far enough, if I was careful enough about hiding. I gathered the stone, my cash and drugs, some clothes and a few essentials, then left the keys to the bungalow in the living room and cut off any way the landlady could contact me. I had an impulsive moment on my way out of town when I stopped at some cliffs and threw the stone into the sea. It was partly out of hope that whoever it was hunting me would somehow know that I didnt have it and give up searching. Mostly, though, I think it was nothing but a bitter ‘fuck you, a way of telling myself that I still had some control of the situation. I drove north with no destination in mind, stopping only when I had to, checking my rear-view constantly. I found some shitty little town full of pensioners where I rented a cheap hotel room, and then a flat whose landlord allowed me to rent without ID in exchange for a few months up-front. Everything was normal again for a few weeks, but they found me soon enough. They started appearing out in public in broad daylight, totally unnoticed by most people just like that first night in the club. I noticed one of them staring at me through the crowd milling about the high street. They followed me from a distance, and I had to stay where everyone could see me until I could make it back to my flat and lock the door behind me. I moved again as soon as possible, making sure no one saw me leave the block. I wandered all over Britain assuming fake names, leaving breadcrumbs with my real name in one town and then changing course towards another. The accents and landmarks around me changed every day, but everything I did to try and throw them off was useless. Everywhere I stopped, Id notice more and more of them tailing me when I was out, and at night theyd stand across the street to stare up at my bedroom window. After a while I got the feeling that I was being toyed with, that theyd already had a million chances to get hold of me, but they wanted to let me stew in this constant feeling of terror and isolation. Everywhere I stayed I barricaded the doors, set up motion alarms, watched the streets around me constantly. I even got a gun, a Glock from the dark web I had to drill the barrel into myself, but I still didnt feel any safer. I had nightmares about those bug-eyed faces every time I slept. Soon, I started to see them when they werent even there; in the reflections of shop windows and car bonnets, standing in dark alleys in the corner of my eye. I managed to avoid them for what felt like years, but now Ive lost the will to keep on running. Im nearly skint, out of places to go, with no one I can ask for help. Even if someone believed me, theyd never take me in, and theyd have no real way of protecting me. Escape is a pipe dream. Every day is a fearful loop of an unchanging scene that I guess you could call a life. Ive started doing the skag I used to sell; it does something to dull the constant sense of dread, reminds me of a time before any of this shit happened. The few hours I sleep every night are full of the same horrible dreams, and when I wake up theres more and more of them gathering outside the building where Ive rented a room. Even now, as I climb up on the rickety chair and slip the noose over my head, I can see a crowd of them across the street, watching me with the same dark, bulging eyes. [X.

Thank you William Nicholson for saving my Dinard Film Festival 2019. After viewing several so un-innovative "real stories" Red Joan, Fisherman's Friends) and "social realism" films (The Last Tree, VS - even though VS's world of rap battles was fascinating) I was getting really disappointed in British cinema.
Hope Gap made up for all that. It is beautifully acted (Annette Bening is extraordinary) deep and subtle, and does carry you away.

Hope gap full movie. Hope gap trailer deutsch. Hope gap release date. Home appraiser inland empire ca. Hope gap movie. A great three hander dealing with relationships in a real way without being banal. Great use of dialogue and poetry. A mature movie that s satisfying without being trite. Hope gap rotten tomatoes. Hope gap. Hope gap film release. Hope gap rating. Hope gap british film festival. Hope gap hautes. Hope gap. Robert Viglasky/Roadside Attractions When a great actress like Annette Bening walks along the radiant white cliffs of Englands coast, you expect the impact of the movie around her to merit the bid for majesty and solitude. But “Hope Gap, ” a shattered-family drama from “Shadowlands” and “Gladiator” screenwriter William Nicholson (who also directs) is something drearily smaller and plainer: a late-middle-aged divorce saga so dead-set on scrubbing any notion of emotional villainy that its as thin as a postcard with a view of that presentably beautiful, chalky seaside. Thats not to say “Hope Gap, ” essentially a three-hander with Bill Nighy as the husband and Josh OConnor as the grown son, isnt what it promises to be — well-acted, understanding, and literate (explicitly so, with Benings Grace a poetry anthologist who quotes Yeats. But when the emotional honesty still doesnt make for compelling drama, youre left wondering why, even with all the lights on, theres a conspicuous lack of galvanizing human detail in the contours of this story. The 29-year marriage of Grace and Edward, as set up for us inside their lived-in, book-lined home in picturesque Seaford, is one of comfortable familiarity with an ever-present edge. Grace, a passionate malcontent with no filter, likes to muse aloud, almost cheerily, about lifes daily irritations, which is often the absence of engagement, socially or emotionally, from Nighys Edward, a soft-spoken, conflict-averse teacher whos been obsessed of late with the harrowing troop details of Napoleons pullout from his ruinous Russian campaign. Also Read: Annette Bening Family Drama 'Hope Gap' Goes to Roadside Attractions and Screen Media That on-the-nose metaphor for the split to come gave Nicholsons 2003 play, from which “Hope Gap” is adapted, its name: “The Retreat from Moscow. ” If that original title sounds awfully overblown for a small-scale breakup tale, it at least hints at what Edwards announcement to Grace that hes leaving her feels like both for him (a mismatched adventure abandoned whatever the cost) and, as we come to see, for her (needlessly wanton destruction. With their London-based son Jamie (OConnor) visiting for the weekend at dads request, Edwards revelation that hes moving out immediately because hes fallen in love with another woman — a single mom from his school who, he says, accepts him for who he is — might seem like especially bad timing. But it was a passive-aggressive plan of Edwards all along, with Jamies even-keeled presence designed to mitigate the fallout, even though Graces brand of critical abrasiveness doesnt spare Jamie either, whether its his faithlessness (shes a devout churchgoer) or perpetual singlehood, which it turns out has roots in the incompatibility hes witnessed his whole life. Also Read: Alyssa Milano and Annette Bening Lead Hollywood Stars in Livestreamed Play Based on Mueller Report What follows is a kind of emotional disaster flick built around Graces tempestuous non-acceptance of Edwards decision: shes incredulous that he would jump ship instead of diving into the breach to fix what isnt right. But as the reality sets in, it triggers everything from bemused victimhood — getting a dog and naming it Eddie — to a turbulent intellectual despair. In between, as time passes, Nicholson and cinematographer Anna Valdez-Hanks provide views of that incredible coastline, but those vistas play more like scenic examples of an opened-up play than anything complementary to the story. What youre scouring, really, is Benings face for a timeless portrayal of womanly survival. And Bening has a fine line to walk with Grace: go too harsh and shes the calamity everyone understandably runs from, but pitch it too maudlin and shes alienatingly obtuse to what was clearly an unworkable pairing. That she brings her usual vinegary intelligence to the part is not surprising, but its still a problematic character, in that whenever Nicholson tips things closer to something red-blooded and raw — like Graces talked-out flirtation with suicide — the writing and direction betrays a studied quality, as if Grace were a prestige-film specimen first, dimensional human second. Also Read: Michelle Pfeiffer and Annette Bening to Star in Gideon Raff Thriller 'Turn of Mind' Nighy appears equally right for his role; his early scenes before breaking the bad news are small gems of biding-his-time tolerance. But theres a general listlessness to Edward that doesnt equate with the amount of anguish coming from Grace. Its as if you missed an earlier movie about when their early days were good, and frankly, a couple of separately offered reminiscences dont cut it as heartfelt context. OConnor, meanwhile, has to pick up the baton in the second half when Nicholson tries to make Jamie a consequential figure as much in need of therapeutic epiphanies regarding his parents marriage as Grace is. But a general blandness about Jamies troubles — that hes closed-up and cant hold a girlfriend is about it — keeps his character from being terribly stimulating. Nicholson, whose direction is as stolidly respectful toward words and faces as a writers would be when getting behind the camera, does save a nicely pointed confrontation for the end, when a line from Edwards new girlfriend (Sally Rogers) refreshingly crystallizes why such situations are simultaneously thoughtful and thoughtless. But its a scene couched amidst resolutions for Grace and Jamie that feel pat instead of potent. “Hope Gap” presents itself as something messy and confounding, but its a spill of feelings too organized and engineered to join the ranks of memorable divorce dramas. 5 Best Picture Oscar Winners That Launched at the Toronto Film Festival (Photos) Toronto has become the kingmaker festival for future Best Picture contenders and winners While Cannes, Berlin, and Venice are all more exotic and glamorous film festivals, the Toronto International Film Festival has become the kingmaker when it comes to the Academy Awards. Since 2008, all but one of the films that have won the festival's People's Choice Award have gone on to become nominated for Best Picture, and multiple films that premiered there have gone on to win the biggest Oscar prize. Here are five of those films from the past decade.

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